Omari Book Publishing

Tariiq has always been a storyteller, even as a child. Like many of his friends, he grew up reading comic books (Archie and Jughead were his favorites). But he also had a particular love for African, African American, and Native American folklore.

During an experience in the summer of 1996, where he made up a harrowing tale, on the spot, to entertain a group of restless and bored students,  Tariiq first felt the pull to write down the stories that swirled through his mind. Years of ferociously writing short stories and screenplays followed.

In June 2002, Tariiq completed his first novel, Eclipsing Mars, which was re-titled Broken when published in October 2004, under his own imprint, Omari Book Publishing. Tariiq’s first book of non-fiction, It’s Just A Damn Date: Why We Expect Too Much Too Soon, followed in June 2006, his second novel, Crystal’s Tears in March 2007, and the sequel to Broken, Mr. Bachelor, in August 2009.